Nutritional therapy is the practice of using diet and supplementation to improve ailments, promote longevity, and boost your overall quality of life.  A body that is functioning optimally has an amazing ability to heal itself. By identifying nutritional weaknesses, and then supporting the body with proper nutrients, you will move closer to optimal health. Our nutrition affects every cell in our body, and as a result every aspect of our being: energy levels, mood, food cravings, thinking capacity, sex drive, sleeping habits, and overall health. The food we put into our bodies is our fuel. It gives us energy to function properly. If you pump in the right quality or quantity of fuel, you will feel more healthy and vibrant! 

How it Works On your initial appointment, I conduct an overall health interview, evaluate your food journals and nutritional questionnaire, and may perform a functional body evaluation. This helps me learn what organs or systems of your body are being affected by your current diet and lifestyle. I will create a personalized plan with recommendations for changes you can make to help your body achieve balance. Then you go out and work on your new goals with continued email support from me and periodic follow up sessions to keep you on track.

Initial Consultation 90 minute session to assess your health goals and concerns, medical history, current diet, and lifestyle. You will receive a personal action plan which includes diet and lifestyle recommendations specific to your body and your goals. $175

Additional Follow-Up Visits 30 minute session of continued instruction and support. These additional visits are a great way to build on the knowledge gained from our initial session, check in and fine tune your program.  Strongly encouraged for success! $75

Health Kickstart Package Initial 90 minutes consultation plus two 30 minute follow ups scheduled within a 3 month time period.  This is the most effective way to make changes!  $295