I do a lot of computer work, and on occasion a bit of strenuous shop or yard work. Every once and awhile, I manage to get stressed or twist myself into knots. Allison is not only great at locating and releasing trigger points, but makes sound recommendations for avoiding problems in the first place, and ways to reduce injuries when they occur. Allison has made a big difference in my health over the last year.
— Laurence Cook, Portland, OR
Several weeks ago I noticed my hip and lower back where tight during a run. Within days my back began to hurt as well. Allison was willing to see me with fairly short notice and I am so glad! Her facility is calm and peaceful and very clean. My body felt so much better right away and the stretching she suggested really helped. Thanks Allison!
— Andrea Emmert, Bend, OR
Allison helps me tremendously as I work on my triathlon and marathon training. Her knowledge and ability to adapt to information I provide is first class. She offers ideas and solutions that keep me injury free and training faster and longer than ever. I highly recommend her as a sport massage therapist and nutritionist.
— Michael Gaudern, Boulder, CO